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November Challenge 2015

TASK:      Design, Prototype, Survey Marketability, Fabricate, and Market a 4-6" decal with an Arlington theme. (Winter Sports, Arlington Honkers, City of Arlington, etc)

Create 3-5 thumbnail sketches for the plansheet including packaging for retail.
Target retail value $5-$10 per item

Create 2-3 versions of your design choice(s)
see examples as of 12-9-15

Interview to students, parents, athletes, and at least 1 business or local agency and document their input either on the back of the decal or on a separate sheet.
send comments to acunning@arlington.k12.or.us

create at least 10 of your final design responding to market input (must show evidence)

Sell 10 decals either direct marketing or as a jobber to be resold by retail


         First HonkerTech individual or team (2 members max)  to complete this task will receive $10 credit for future vinyl or 3D projects

         Any market deal over 20 decals will receive $10 personal credit and 40% of net proceeds as cash or credits for future vinyl or 3D projects










last modified on 12/11/2015  contact Acunning@arlington.k12.or.us