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How To

HOW TO apply a Decal with Transfer Tape

  • Locate where you want to place the decal
  • Clean area where you plan to apply the decal
  • Carefully peel the decal off the backing paper.  Make sure the vinyl is on the transfer tape.
  • Apply to the location you want it
  • Use a credit card or something like that to remove bubbles under transfer tape


These videos break it down pretty well but are not created by HonkerTech
Video 1 


Video 2



HOW TO make an order with HonkerTech
  • Decide what size (length and width) you need.  Designs may be up to 13 inches tall (a limit of the material we have in stock) and special orders may be up to 24 inches tall (the maximum limit of our machine)
  • If you have a text font you like, please have the name of that font if possible.
  • Decide on a color or have an agent advise you on options.
  • Any design work can be done, digitizing, etc by agents of HonkerTech during the design process.
  • if you require a bid/quote, we can do that based on a verbal description of your needs.
  • Contact a representative at HonkerTech 541-454-2632 or email honkertech@arlington.k12.or.us
COLORS Available










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