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Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment we use in our FabLab

Roland CAMM-1 Servo 24" desktop cutter

RayJet 300 Laser Cutter and Engraver 80W by Trotec

Image result for trotec rayjet 300


we use RHINO for 2d and 3D design to be printed in
vinyl, ABSplastic, or steel.

We use Torchmate CAD8 for Plasma CNC steel projects

DXF and PDF files including toolpaths are interchangeable between Vinyl and Plasma outputs with the exception of the "drop out" pieces and "lead ins" in the steel versions.Students are encouraged to combine
vinyl and steel in their projects

Emily (right) and her crossover between Torchmate CAD and Rhino 5





Stratasys Mojo

MOJO prints in ABS Thermoplastic
with support material (similar to PLA)
 that is removed in a solvent tank
after the print is completed.

Our MOJO has a 5" x 5" x 5" print capacity

for more information on the MOJO from
Stratasys click the logo below




we use a Torchmate 4x4 CNC plasma table
for 2d steel designs

for more information about Torchmate CNC
design and cutting systems see

ORACAL 651 vinyl up to 24 inches wide and as long as needed

for more info on ROLAND desktop cutting systems see








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