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Custom Orders

Yes.. we do that too


  • Commercial Labeling
  • Sports Boosters
  • Team Decals
  • Corporate Logos
  • Personal Designs
  • Gifts
  • Awards
  • Just for Fun






From 1 inch tall to 10 feet long, any design is possible.

Cut interior/exterior intermediate vinyl on transfer tape ready to apply to any clean/smooth surface

Laser cutting and engraving... wood, leather, glass, plastic, flat and round objects (water bottles, glasswear)

Each order filled with speed and attention to detail

Prices vary based on the amount of material, type of project, and time associated with its completion 
Most between $5 and $100 (for large projects) Discounts for bulk purchases

Funds generated by this venture go into HonkerTech account to maintain the sustainability of the program

Contact 541-454-2632 or email HonkerTech@arlington.k12.or.us

Salem, OR

NGM-Ambulance, Arlington, OR

Brewers Grade Band

Port of Arlington, Oregon


Laser Etched Water bottles

Barr Running, California






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