3D Printing
3D printing

Students design and print objects using our Lulzbot PLA 3D printer and our Statysys Mojo printer with RhinoCad. (http://www.stratasys.com/3d-printers/idea-series/mojo)

Material costs for this ABS printer are about $4/cubic inch so the students use this machine more sparingly than the 2D CNC systems we have in our fab lab the projects can be prototyped on the PLA printer for much less cost.

2d designs can be extruded into a 3d shape to introduce the relationship between 2d and 3D as well as online resources such as www.Thinigverse.com  and  www.pinshape.com.  students are encouraged to use existing designs they have already created to expand their skills into 3D.

Students are encouraged to design and fabricate products that can create sustainability for this system.  the "bony fish holiday ornament" is an example of this concept.  Students also pay wholesale replacement costs after the first project to sustain supplies for the program.  We retail some printed pieces to pay for learning projects at jobber pricing if possible.








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