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FamilyLink is Arlington School District's new dynamic Web portal for families, adults, and students.  FamilyLink is the alternative to the traditional Parental Access Support System (PASS) portal that has been used for the past few years.  Aside from more functionality and an updated look, FamilyLink provides real time data.  In other words, as soon as a teacher adds a studentís grades or attendance to their electronic gradebook, the change will show up online.

What is the Difference between FamilyLink and PASS?
The PASS portal provided a static snapshot of student progress data Ė updated every few hours.  Only one studentís data can be seen at a time (i.e., one login per student). The parent/guardian and student each have a common/shared login and PIN number. If you don't already have a FamilyLink user id and password, please contact the Arlington School District office at 541-454-2632.

FamilyLink is a live connection to the Schoolmaster system. Once data is changed in Schoolmaster or a teacherís Schoolmaster Gradebook, the changes are seen immediately via the portal. Once a parent/guardian is logged in, they can switch back and forth between multiple students that are linked through the particular account in the Schoolmaster system. Parents and students have unique logins allowing different levels of what the person can view.  For example, a student cannot view a siblingís data, but a parent can see all of their childrenís data.

For more information please contact the ASD office at 541-454-2632



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